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    • My lab assistant created this and posted it at various locations within the Air Force Base in which he is employed.
      Safety Propaganda at the AFB

    • NerdrageIMO

      Hello, from the Pacific Northwest.
      I was quite a fan, until life got in the way.

      I now own Propaganda Factory LLC. and am about to be licensed to operate in the state of WA.

      If I wanted to raise awareness, or were to set up some kind of fundraiser on the side, could I have permission to use Toy Soldier propaganda imagery? Or maybe doctor up some of my own?

      I’d love to chat or something.

      Tristan James. a huge fan of the Dr.’s

    • Captain Dermut

      Okay, a little history first:

      When the doctor quit, the TSU site was sold to the army of toysoldiers. With that came the permission to continue using some of the imagery associated with TSU, as long as this was used for NON PROFIT means. Imagery of the doctor (fan created material falls under the non profit clause) or created by the Doc himself is NOT included in this.

      People have been (threatened to be) sued over this. (Not by us, we don’t have that kind of money)

      So if you mean to make money with your LLC, the answer is NO.

      My advice, “doctor up” some of your own inspired on toysoldier imagery, though I would recommend some carefulness with this. The army isn’t as well regarded in certain circles, due to the excesses of some former member and the uninformed assumption by certain people about our dress sense and humour. (People have thought, incorrectly, we were a fascistic organization or even thought we were Nazies in the past, although that has lessened in recent years. Then again there are less of us and we are a lot less visible then when the doc was still around)

      With this, I hope I have informed you enough for you to make up you own mind on how to proceed.

    • For further clarification, any of the propaganda I have created may be used freely for non-profit purposes *so long as* it refers back to TSU.


    • badwolf

      I consider myself good friends with Dr. Thaddeus Steel, and see nothing worrisome about his approach to propaganda or his appearance. Of course, my general approach to propaganda and general appearance is somewhat less than salutary, so I’m hardly standing upon the moral high ground, nevertheless, as long as we play nice in our Utopian Playland, we are solidly above reproach.

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