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    • Meticulac

      Here’s a game I picked up in a chat somewhere: You ask the next person to name five of something, and they name five! Then they declare the next challenge. Ideally, the naming is done without checking a search engine for answers, but if you don’t think anyone can answer, you can say NO U. This points the challenge back as the person who issued it, so that they have to either admit defeat or answer their own challenge to prove it’s not impossible.

      And to start this off: Name five virtual world projects, active or defunct!

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    • I love this kind of “parlor game.” I can share another one. “In the Manner of the Word.” One person leaves the room and everyone else agrees on an adverb. Then the person returns and tries to guess what it is by asking individual players to each do various common things “in the manner  of the word.”   (generally people agree to let synonyms count). Only one person does each request until the word is guessed. So, things like: “Greet the person next to you in the manner of the word.” “Eat some of your dessert in the manner of the word.” “Walk across the room in the manner of the word.” Some of the funniest I have seen used words like: haughtily, angrily, joyously, and clumsily.

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