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Motivational Propaganda

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Motivational Propaganda

    • Lt. Sophie

      Hello folks,

      First of all, greetings. I have no idea why I never joined this division, as I was working on Propaganda from the day I joined. I mostly make graphical prop, which means posters, flyers and the likes. I also have a Pinterest where I upload some of my work (not just for TSU). Follow me there, if you like.

      So, here is my idea.

      I noticed a decent lack of activity and support within the community. Now, I cannot hold it against anyone, we all have our own lives and personal agendas and not every single member can be actively contributing to our projects. BUT we can motivate people to take some time for TSU on a regular base, to take a look at the forums and what’s new. I believe, it might even light a spark inside them, inspire and encourage them to become more active again. We have a huge userbase, and we could get so many things done if people just had the feeling their work is appreciated and wanted.

      Let’s make motivational propaganda. Posters, videos, songs, written content, or even plain translations of already existing work… Whatever you are good at.

      If any of you is interested in this project, please give me some feedback. PM or in here. I also have created a Google Doc for collecting ideas.


      Thank you for your attention. Over and out.

      Lt. Sophie

    • Silent Addle

      I support this!

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