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Monday Stream Madness

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Monday Stream Madness

    • Silent Addle

      Hey guys,

      As some of you know, for almost a year Airhead and I have been streaming regularly on Mondays (about 7pm uk time), a few months ago a few more people joined our number and we’ve had some decent gaming going on, we’ve played a lot of Gmod (various game modes, including Prop Hunt, You Touched It Last and Murder), some Viscera Cleanup Detail and even Contagion.

      We’ve played a lot, I’ve hidden as a banana, such fun.

      And you know who likes fun? You guys!


      In all honesty, the MSM gaming started as just an experiment that became habitual so we never really thought about just opening it up to the group at large, but after discussion in chat this morning we’ve decided to make it inclusive.

      From here on, we’re inviting you to join us, whether you play one of the games mentioned or have something else you might like, we can work something out.


      So this post is just about gauging interest for now, you don’t have to stream, you just have to be willing to play, if you’re interested then you’ll need to join out Discord server, so just send me a PM asking and I will get you an invite.

    • Captain Dermut


      I may be “game” depending on the game.

    • Trigo

      Sounds interesting.

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