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MOD help

    • Post any questions/help about how to mod your blaster.

    • Nuvasuper TS#40315

      Does anyone know about the flywheels that nerf uses?

    • What do you wanna know???

    • Nuvasuper TS#40315

      Any suggestions on making your own darts?  I’m working on an air powered nerf gun, and I doubt that nerf’s darts will survive in one piece.

    • clownieX

      You should check out I play NIC, its a competitive nerf. Our blasters are realy kicked up and. Some people even use home made weapons. No short supply of them or designs. For amo, we use eitherof “slug” or “steffeans/dome” darts. They are tipicly made from 1/2 foam backer-rod then weighted. “Steffans/Domes” are usely made with a bb then hot glue is used to cover the top. The glue is formed into a dome, hence the name. “Slugs” use a “6 or #8 washer and covered by a felt bumper. The kind of thing used to keep cabinet doors from slamming. Theirs no shortage of nerfers on youtube showing off their techniques. LoardDraconical, Coop772, and UIN13 are a some of the more popular ones. If you whant something help I send me a PM or email

    • Spray paint works well, but make sure you rough up the surface well and add a layer of primer before using colors. If you want to use light colors like white, first paint a bottom layer in black. When taking it apart, take notes and/or pics so you’ll know how to put it back again, and be carefull with the springs, they easily jump away. 

    • Everything Gonzo said and I cannot stress enough how much the pictures will help you!

    • Sandpaper indeed, but as the plastic is prone to scratches, if you want it smooth, use a small-grain paper. I used a quite rough paper, which is noticable on my Nerf Rampage, but it turned out to be a desirable effect in the end :P Optionally you could finish with a glossy varnish. 

      Don’t forget to test the paint first on a small part, to see if the paint does not damage the plastic. Some spray paints can be aggressive and ruin it.

      Good luck :)

    • Brigadier Davis

      Definately what the guys above said. I don’t know too much about aesthetic mods, but when it comes to internals, for the love of god take your gun apart carefully otherwise you’ll spend the next few hours on your hands and knees looking for missing springs.

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