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Mission: Doc Gear

    • Commandant Krastus

      Having won tickets to be in the audience for one of England’s (maybe the worlds) most popular TV shows, the loyal Toy Soldiers embarked on a mission to brainwash thousands and thousands of viewers.

      Should they succeed; the subliminal propaganda will be frozen in digital time, destined to be repeated again and again, to generation after generation of future recruits!

      We present to you . . .

      Doc Gear Mission

      While we had been given tickets to the live filming, it was no guarantee that we would make it into the show. Because of this we decided not to go in full TSU uniform but instead adopt a more stealthy approach!

      We made four armbands, so we could sneak them inside and then quickly put them in place without the security, floor managers, or any other corporate entertainers seeing what we were up to and either removing us from the building, or shoving us to the back of the crowd.

      The filming started and while doing our part as audience members we scouted the studio for the best place to stand. The floorspace was small and the action moved from one corner to the next with little warning, and with little chance of moving through the crowd.

      As the crew and audience took a tea break Carnal Psychologist Incurus deduced that an important interview would be filmed soon and we took the opportunity to plant ourselves right next to the main stage. The plan worked and we found ourselves in the prime location to proudly wear our colours in full view behind the interview guest!

      But! …. disaster struck!

      The editor was carefully placing the audience around the stage for best effect when he must have spotted our plan! Seconds before filming was due to start, a suspiciously tall man crossed over the stage and with a polite “excuse me” planted himself between us and the camera. Pushing us back into the obscurity of the crowd!

      As filming started it became obvious this man was part of the production team, his false guffaws of laughter and over dramatic gestures showing him for what he truly was. This only served to make us more determined! They knew what we planned to do, but the show must go on. So started a game of cat and mouse between Toy Soldiers and cameramen, played out on the Top Gear studio floor!

      Though we tried hard to show Dr Steel’s image to the world, our every move was foiled by the fake audience man. Perhaps the Editor was prompting him, or perhaps he saw our reflections in the glare of the camera lens? Either way the interview was drawing to an end and our chance for success was slipping through our fingers!

      In a flash of brilliance, Carnal Andrologist Lane slipped her armband down to her wrist. If she couldn’t show her arm, she might be able to raise her wrist in applause and be seen above the crowd!

      The Result!


      Carnal Commandant Krastus

    • Brigadier Davis

      Hear nothing from Krastus for ages, Suddenly appears on national T.V.

      Your getting Camera hungry after last time arnt you?

    • Commandant Krastus

      To be fair, this is an old mission copied over to play with the new forum toys, but yes, the media loves me 8)

    • Cadeon

      Blarg, I want to see the video! It says it’s been blocked.

    • Commandant Krastus

      How odd, shows ok on my screen.

      Here is a link to my You Tube channel, hopefully you can see if from there.


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