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Mission/Contest: Operation Fright Fest!

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Mission/Contest: Operation Fright Fest!

    • Cpl.Deimos Poe

      Greetings ladies and gentle ghouls!

      I have a mission for you all! The mission(should you choose to accept it) will be long, will ardous, will be scary, will be fun, will be…….. well awesome really.

      your mission is to make a horror film. It can be a gory Slasher(ha group name lol), it could be a mind warping psychological thrill ride, it could be an eerie found footage piece , heck it could even be a campy dark comedy!


      You are free to do whatever you wish for the film but there must be some criteria met:

      Length: if making a short: 5 minutes to 30 OR if you are making a full film has to be at least an hour long

      Content: it has to be a horror movie but if you wish you could add elements from any genre you would like as long as it ties in with the rest of your movie

      Other: since the participants of this contest are members of the Army of Toy Soldiers, TSU symbolism is appreciated but not required, it falls along the lines of other genre elements, only add it if you feel you can make it fit.


      Edit: The Prize for the winner is a Resident Evil movie poster. not the kind you can buy from a store but the kind you see in movie theaters.


    • Cpl.Deimos Poe

      Since it was brought up on the Facebook page i thought i’d bring up something i forgot to mention to people. there is a timeline, sorry to say i cannot give you all the time in the world but with that said any interested parties should know that you have until Oct. 29th to submit your projects to me.



      Submission :send your project to with the subject SLASHER fright fest


      also i apologize for the prize not seeming up to par with the work you would be putting into it, but i have little to no money to go and get something better for you im sorry :( 

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