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Minecraft server

    • Nuvasuper TS#40315

      I’ve talked with the owners of the Phoenix Coalition, a small community of gamers, and they’ve agreed to let us use their Minecraft server!
      (IP: mc.phoenixcoalition.com)
      Ground rules involve the obvious, no griefing, play nice, ect.

      It is a survival server running bukkit with LWC, Tree assist, Chestbank, Mob Repellent, voxelport, and cenotaph.
      If this community grows, they are also looking for more moderators for the server, so feel free to apply on their forums

      Finally, they have a teamspeak 3 running which they prefer people use located at (ts3.phoenixcoalition.com)

      Time to craft, mine, and Build a Utopian Playland!

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