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Minecraft Camouflage Uniforms E.P (Enhanced Protection) Trials Skins (And OPFOR/Dress Skins)

    • Hi everyone

      In my absence I created a number of camouflage uniforms designed for different biomes/environments (whilst keeping designs relatively distinctive)

      I called this project the E.P/”Enhanced Protection” project.

      This name may sound weird but I wish to assess the popularity of the patterns I have created (with the aim of improving upon these designs with features such as individual unit patches/markers (quick recognition “patches” for groups) so please give me feedback on features/ what patterns you like etc so I may improve

      Whilst “texture” camouflage uniforms do exist I decided to create camouflage for specific biomes rather than textures

      I have included a “Demo” picture and a demo  skin as well as info about each uniform below

      Also I thought that people may want to edit them to their own tastes (in terms of faces/hands/boots etc)

      *Please note names in commas are trial names (used during the course of the development of each pattern) and not indicative of the purpose of the camouflage*

      I will also post OPFOR (Opposing force) skins  in this thread and some “dress” (more formal) uniforms I have been working on at a later date.

      Anyway without further ado  here is the main bulk of the “normal” (non OPFOR/Dress uniform skins I have created.


      1) “Grassy” (Intended for Savannah biomes)



      https://s29.postimg.org/4ur2pqtvb/Grassy_Camo_Balaclava.png (with Balaclava in the same pattern)

      https://s4.postimg.org/up5yc1fml/Grassy_Camo_Full_loadout.png (“Full loadout”) with load bearing equipment & Balaclava

      2) “Alternative Digital” (intended for use in Swamp biomes)



      3) “Universal” (Designed to be used as a uniform rather than as a form of camouflage)



      4) “Polar” (Intended for use in most environments where ice/snow are present)



      5) “FG” Camo (“Forest Green” camouflage similar to “universal” in the sense that this is intended to be used as uniform)



      6) “Black Digital” (Designed to be used during night time/ in dark environments)



      7) “Sand” (Designed for desert Biomes)



      8) “Multi” (Designed as a general pattern for forest/plains & other “green” environments) I also used this pattern to try out new ideas such as the emulation of load bearing equipment on skins



      https://s15.postimg.org/60qci5ayj/Bundescamo_With_Belt.png (With Belt)

      https://s22.postimg.org/i2pzyvff5/Bundescamo_Uniform_Webbing_Loadout.png (With webbing/load bearing equipment)

      https://s17.postimg.org/rxgpxn15r/Bundescamo_Vest_Knee_Elbow_Pads.png (protective vest & knee/elbow pads)

      9) “Seacam”/”Maritime pattern”- Designed for use in water



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