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Mind Control Goggles insert

    • The Sky Marshal, YJ

      Are you a steampunk? Do you have BORING goggles? Then turn your plain ordinary goggles into awesome MIND CONTROL GOGGLES! Amaze and mesmerize your friends!

      Just print this page, cut out the two circulars and insert into your goggles! The circulars will look like this:

      … and will be 50mm wide and so should fit between any standard 50mm lenses. (Alternately, you can just print the above image twice, but you’ll have to resize it yourself.)

      Note: Inserting these paper inserts into your goggles will however render them unusable for actual viewing.

      Inspired by the late Professor Jimmy Blue.

    • Col. Canker Canison
    • Sgt. Mustache
    • Captain Helios Ruin

      Outstanding! :cool:

    • Brigadier Davis

      Love the look Jonny, and what a great tribute to the late Prof. Blue.


      If you can get your hands on some, it may work quite well if printed on Acetate, while you still wouldn’t properly be able to see through them, it would give more of a glass tinted effect to the goggle lenses which paper wouldnt.


      Just a thought.



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