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Mega Blasters

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Mega Blasters

    • Brigadier Davis

      Im just curious to know, what is peoples opinions of the Nerf Mega blaster ranger? I was actually put off from buying a Nerf Centurion because it used them. 

    • clownieX

      Well the nerf Centurion unfortunately turned out to be a problematic load of piled plastic. Constance dart chopping, overinflated inconsistent ranges, are just some of the few problems at this blaster is plague with. Plus with the plastic gearing and all odd priming mechanism, makes modding potential highly problematic ( not to mention the air relief that they cut into the plunger tube). It’s a far cry from a long shot Upgrade we thought it would be.

      The Magnus however, the new mega pistol, is an awesome piece of machinery. ranges as usual or over inflated, but it’s got some serious chops. And a USD Price of $15 Makes a pretty good buy. The only thing I hate is But I have to go out and buy a whole bunch of new ammo. I already have enough Vortex disks laying around. But that’s a small price to pay for some fun.

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