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    • Pvt. Blue

      Hey, that rhymed!


      I’ve had a mission idea banging around my skull these past few days which simply will not leave me alone. Now that my brother has joined me as a Nurse we may be able to perform this mission ourselves soon once the weather is less rainy, but until that day I’ll throw the idea out there for you all to enjoy.


      Back in the day of the Roman Empire, doctors would often perform surgeries, autopsies, and demonstrations in public, both to teach and to gain attention for their practices. Many well known doctors managed to spread their revolutionary ideas this way, and we thus must wonder: can we not spread our message in a similar way?


      This is a mission that could be performed by a soldier and a nurse, who’d need a table (maybe) and some props. The idea is that it’d be a kind of skit. In some public place a soldier would lay down on the table, and the nurse would proceed to practice Steelian medicine on the poor wounded or ill soldier in some comical fashion while preaching the word of the Toy Soldier Army.


      I’m not sure exactly how such a thing would be done, but I’d love to see it attempted.

    • The Disgraced Dark

      I like this, its similar to the pageant plays of the Medieval age.

    • Red Eye Tony

      With a cooperative Soldier and a little slight of hand, I can imagine all sorts of fun involving fake surgery and the like.

    • Geoff Nicholson

       I watched a very similar performance at an SCA Event once.  The pirates were having a big party, and they had their Doctor do a couple of ‘amputations’ (’cause everyone knows pirates have peg-legs and hook-hands… but they ain’t born that way!)

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