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MCM Expo London October 2016 – Operation: Mandatory Mind Manipulation!

    • Sgt. Dutch


      …. and that’s when the scaffolding collapsed…

      Oh hello. I see you’ve decided to join us once again for the bi-annual invasion of the MCM Expo in London. We keep meaning to go elsewhere, but we’re addicted to it. Like crack. Or Oreo’s. Or crack flavoured Oreo’s.

      Organization of the invasion is starting early. And as usual, Toy Soldiers Unite will have a table to sell and promote the talents and creations of the Army of Toy Soldiers, aka: You! Not only the usual merchandise that’s available in the Armory but also the mangled and manipulated metals created by Sniper3D, the literal literary prose of Sean The Kraken, the hand painted visions of Lt. Sophie and the distinguished, disguise enabling masks of Lt. Grimm, and quite possibly much more.

      We’ll also be adjusting our propaganda technique somewhat. The ‘shove leaflets and manifestos in peoples faces’ method is being dropped, as it hasn’t really been making an impact. Instead we’ll go with a more rewarding technique, which is the scavenger hunt, and this time the prize will be available on the spot. It worked really well last time, and got loads of interest.

      Pizza Saturday is a-go, however, considering the…. atmosphere in the evening outside of the Excel lately, suggestions are welcome to alternate locations. Perhaps the opposite side of the Excel Centre, or somewhere a tad more sheltered from the elements.

      And most importantly, the Hostel bookings. St. Christopher’s The Village remains our top favourite for staying in London, and it usually entails Cards Against Humanity (other card games are available), drinking downstairs, smoking fine cigars upstairs, and sneaking pints around the dorms.
      If you are planning on joining the main battalion for a battle of the beds, say so as soon as possible so we can get this showboat on the road. I’d like to take a moment here to point out that without Brigadier ‘Iron’ Davis, master of the spinning plates and professional stabber, the hostel would be a lot more complicated in organising. I’ll be going round the usual suspects and collecting names for his… list…

      So. Table. Scavenger Hunt. Merchandise. Hostel. Drinking. Pizza. If there’s anything more, do say so. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

      UPDATE: Iron has his list of unusual suspects for the hostel, so if you’d like to finalize any financial arrangements you’ve made with him, please contact him and he’ll let you know which secret swiss bank account of cayman islands account to send your money to.

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Alright, I’ve made a list, checked it twice, and those regulars in attendance have confirmed the hostel. Any late comers… don’t be late, say so now.

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