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Looking For WRITErs

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Looking For WRITErs

    • Silent Addle

      Hey guys,

      So I am trying to get a little Radio Play together and am currently in the writing and planning stages, though I could do this myself I want this to be more than just a me-project, but a Toy Soldier project.

      That and I am sure many of you are better writers than myself.


      If you’re an avid Writer and have time to take on another (ongoing) project, take a look over at the attached link below, you’ll find more info there.

      Many thanks.



    • Already signed up. But it’s worth letting people see the interest is there. wink

    • Captain Dermut



      Or dead project?

    • Silent Addle

      Hey Dermut,

      In the wake of other projects (such as the Gaming Marathon and the EFF Novel) this one has fallen by the wayside, everything is stored in a google drive so it isn’t entirely dead, just sleeping but I’ll wake it up once able, there is nothing stopping anyone wishing to contribute from taking part of course.

      I salute you.


    • Captain Dermut

      Glad to hear it.


      So… definitely bump then!

    • Bump bump bump!

    • JaxxSentinel

      Actually really curious  if anyone was still interested in doing this or something similar? I would love to join!

    • Flare by N-N-E

      Having read the project guide I must ask if you are familiar with the Shadowrun universe:


      I also felt inspired to write something that felt like something one of the characters would say (the bits represent tone of voice)


      to bring down the system using any means necessary

        So, you admit outright that you would stop at nothing to fulfil your vision, to shape the world in a way that you deem just, no matter how unjust the methods, how cruel the deeds, how great the damage might be needed to do so?

        And while doing this you would see yourself as righteous… a force of good to right the world`s wrongs against those who know no better, because … why? Because, perhaps you know better ? Because you have the vision to see what really needs to happen and you have strength to do it “using any means necessary”  ?! 

      An approach as noble as it is new.

      The world is indeed broken, and this… this is why!  Because of this kind of thinking and self-absorbed attitude!

      There is more to doing good than having good intentions, more to change than replacing names and … too many kinds of good that are just different shades of evil,

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