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League of legends

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League of legends

    • B34R

      Does any one play LoL

    • Aym

      Yeah I am playing, I have a lvl 22 account and a lvl 7 account. I power leveled on bots with the high level account, playing pvp on the low level account since I skipped it learning hotkeys, etc on bots and I am scared to try a lvl 22 pvp match (if I could even get one going). I have to try to do high level matches for 20 minutes before one starts, due to people queue dodging or complaining if they don’t get a particular lane or champion.

      Aymish is my main, Funkkalo is the alt account. I tend to play Poppy or Heimerdinger, but am thinking about grabbing Rumble also. I am on the North American server.

    • Sergeant Larks

      Haven’t played in a bit, it’s been over a month, but my account is level 30 and I like to main Tryndamere or Cho’Gath. Bit embarrassed at the name though… it’s 420CaliStoner >.O should’ve thought that one over and realized I wouldn’t be smoking weed forever

    • Aym

      When I start to play LoL I have theme songs for the characters I play.

      Poppy (Motorhead – The Hammer)

      She’s just so hard to kill mid and late game and if she gets fed, you can forget about killing her at all. True damage bypasses her ultimate, but thankfully only a handful of characters can inflict true damage and out of those only Olaf and Darius are dangerous.

      Heimerdinger (Ben Forbes – Oh, Heimerdinger)

      I saw the leaked rework proposal for him, I like him how he is now. They just need to make some small changes to fix him, an entire rework isn’t really needed. Though some of the stuff was pretty cool, like the 850 range alternate attack for his turrets. I love his passive right now though, stack it with an emblem of valor and he grants 20 health regen per five seconds to himself and nearby allied champions early game. He can be a good support.

      Had a game the other day where I was left alone at top lane as Poppy. 150 CS at 18:30 with a melee character.


    • Aym

      LoL has announced skins for wards, most of which are bought with IP and not RP. This is also a reminder that tomorrow, October 20th is double IP day as a thank you for putting up with server instability during the championships.

      I also uploaded a few of my Nunu replays where I fought intermediate bots to, they can be found here. – My teammate AnYin (Singed) and I carried the entire game pretty much. Nunu is pretty easy to get used to, for me at least and has a nice attack/movement speed buff for allies. Your item order should almost always start off with mana regeneration and then progess to gold generating items and magic resist gear. Meki Pendant and x2 healing potions > Chalice of Harmony > Philosopher’s Stone > Ionian Boots or Kage’s Lucky Pick > Ionian Boots or Kage’s Lucky Pick > Banshee’s Veil (AP heavy team) or Rod of Ages (AD heavy team). Your goal is not to deal damage with your ice ball or ultimate, but to slow the enemy so your allies can kill them easier. Remember to constantly cast blood boil on allies – AnYin played Irelia, his main champion and I supported again.

      When I get more time I will upload some of my PvP games with Nunu, Poppy or Heimerdinger. This song is stuck in my head since my skill has progressed so far, in such a short amount of time.


    • Nuvasuper TS#40315

      I play with my lvl 30 account ‘nuvasuper’  I spend too much ip and rp on champs, so I’m decent with a fair number, but not great with any of them.

    • Chaplain Gumdrop

      I started a little bit ago, I mostly play as Alistar. 

      Thr0bulator, level 12.

      I’d definitely love to play with some soldiers sometime. If anybody uses Ventrilo my gaming group plays a fair bit of League and we’ve got our own server that’s never anywhere near capacity. Dragon’s Tear Tavern is our name if anybody is interested in running with us, and/or attempting to lure people over to TSU :D

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