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Latest Digital Bunker Upgrades

  • Sgt. Dutch

    Greetings Toy Soldiers, and congratulations on surviving the Codemonkey with his robotic monkeys!

    At first glance not a lot has changed, but if you look at your profiles you’ll see a big change.
    Without getting to technical, we dropped one plugin for the site, and moved the data to the forum plugin.

    What does this mean for you?
    Your profile data SHOULD have transferred fine except for Private Messages and Photo Albums.
    The Photo Albums have been backed up, and once duplicates have been cleared out, they’ll be uploaded to a singular album available only to logged in toy soldiers.
    As for the PM’s, I sincerely apologize but these are irretrievable due to being so deeply ingrained in the old plugin.

    The new PM system is much improved on the later, allowing you to PM multiple people at once, and has better editing facilities. You’ll also be able to look up recipients on the compose page, rather than having to go to each profile individually. If you check your Options, you can also enable to be emailed whenever someone PM’s you, or opt out of private messages altogether.

    You can still add pictures to your profile, however you will need to upload them elsewhere first, such as google drive, dropbox, or facebook (make sure they’re shared publicly). Right click on the image and copy image location, then paste the address into the Edit Photo’s page.

    Personal signatures for the forum have also been enabled!

    Avatars are now easier to upload! (No, not you Korra)

    As we’ve swapped to a more actively developed system, there will be further changes and features added and we’ll let you know when and where these happen.

    Thank you all, and I hope you will continue to march alongside us to a Utopian Playland

    And a huge thank you to Engineer Airhead for his dedication and efforts, without whom the Digital Bunker would have probably crumbled by now.

    Sergeant Dutch


    This upgrade is ongoing. Currently the Toy Soldier Map wont link to your profile and will return a ‘Page not found’ result.

    The TS-ID generator will be offline until Engineer Airhead has recovered after the whiplashes….. encouragement I provided him.

    If there are any questions, please post here or in the bug report forum.

  • Anonymous

    The update is a huge success, Sgt. Dutch!  I am very happy with the new faster website!  You just might be seeing more of me around here now that posts don’t take a million nanoseconds to submit!  Congratulations, Code Monkeys, for a job well done!mrgreen

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