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IRC / Livechat 101

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IRC / Livechat 101

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Welcome to TSU Chat 101

      TSU Chat, also known as Live Chat, is the chatroom for which you can access in one of two ways. You can either use your web browser and just click on Live Chat in menu bar, or you can use an IRC client like Hexchat or mIRC to log in.

      If you have an IRC client, all you need to do is connect to and join #toysoldiersunite

      Some things you should bare in mind in regards to the chat.

      – There are ALWAYS people logged into the chatroom. They might not be talking, however if you want to get someone’s attention, all you need to do is type in their name as it is shown in the userlist. This will make a little beep or icon flash on their end.

      – On the flipside, sometimes people stay logged in 24/7, even when they’re asleep or away from their computer, so responses may take a while.

      – Popping into chat, saying hello, and not waiting 5 minutes for a response is considered a tad rude. More often than not people have got multiple windows open, making a lovely cup of tea, or hiding the chat at work.

      – If you see a username with a symbol in front of their name, or their name is bolder than others, this means they are a Moderator (IRC terms, an Operator or have Ops). Though rarely required to step in, they can demand subject changes if a conversation gets nasty, have the authority to kick people who are being abusive, but are also of a lot of help as they are Toy Soldiers who have been around for a long time and can probably answer any question about the Army you pose them.

      – If you log in with a name, and after a few moments it gets changed to Guest3789453 or similar, it’s because the name you registered with has already been registered. A sure fire way to avoid this is by putting TS at the start of your nick: ‘TSJohn’ ‘TSHenry’ or ‘TSiliketrains’ (no spaces in your name, it don’t work that way)

      Here are some useful commands you can use in the chatroom as well

      – ‘/me’ = By typing /me before a sentence, it becomes an action. Example: /me gives out free cookies becomes ‘TSiliketrains gives out free cookies’

      – ‘/nick’ = Use this if you need to change your nickname in the chat, either because the one you came in with is already registered, or for lolz purposes. Example: /nick TSiliketurtles becomes ‘TSiliketrains is now known as TSiliketurtles’ Bare in mind, impersonating another toy soldier or member of staff will result in being kicked, or temporarily banned.

      More advanced commands:

      Registering your name:
      When you register a name, it becomes yours and prevents others from signing in as you on IRC (just the network, in this case Rizon).
      To register with Rizon, follow these steps lifted from the Rizon FAQ pages. Remember, you need to type ‘/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password’ everytime you sign in, unless your IRC client does it for you.

      Type the following commands to register your nickname:

          /msg NickServ REGISTER password valid@email.address
          The email address must be a valid email address you can use, and password must be a valid password (i.e., it cannot be your nickname or less than 5 characters long).
          Mibbit Users: Creating an account at Mibbit does not mean that you have registered on Rizon. Nick registration on Rizon is completely different and not affiliated with Mibbit in any way.
          After issuing that command, an email will be sent with a confirmation code to your email address. Copy and paste the codes within 24 hours from your email address you just registered to complete the registration process; otherwise the nick will be available for others to register:
          /msg NickServ CONFIRM ConfirmationCodeFromEmail

      Wrong Email

      If you entered a wrong email address in your nick registration, you can issue the following command and then re-register your nickname:

      /msg NickServ CANCEL password

      (Where password is the password you used to register your nick before.)

      Expired Nick

      Registered nicks will expire after 90 days of inactivity; i.e., you must IDENTIFY the nickname before the expiration date:

      /msg NickServ IDENTIFY password

      (Where password is the password you used to register your nick before.)

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Update – 12/03/2015

      The web client has been changed from Mibbit to Kiwi IRC due to reports of inappropriate advertising on Mibbits side. Kiwi IRC shouldn’t show any advertising at all. This change would have been completed earlier, but we were waiting for Kiwi to update its system.

      On a separate note, if you don’t like advertising in general, I recommend using a browser plugin such as Adblock. Works on youtube videos as well (most of the time).

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Update – 02/01/2017

      The time has come to retire the IRC Channel that is #toysoldiersunite. It has served us well for many a year, but Discord has surpassed it in ease of use, features, and convenience. No more shall we be subjected to a dozen join/leave announcements, netsplits, or apps that make no sense.

      Just in case, I will ensure that the channel remains registered and owned, but I can’t see us using it much in the future again.

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