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Invasion of the Dragon(Con)

    • Dr. Malice

      Hello Fellow Toy Soldiers!

      My wife, TS_Dashanka Karakova, and I are planning on going to DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia this upcoming year (Sept. 2-5, 2016) and I was wondering if there would be an interest for getting a booth.

      There’s no fee, but there is an application, and I’d like to make sure there’s enough interest before submitting said application.

      Submissions open up in April on the DragonCon website (, so the sooner you can let me know, the better!

      Keep in mind, because of it being free and only an application, spots will fill up faster than the love child of the Jackalope and the Gingerbread Man of Fairytales old.


    • Sgt. Dutch

      As I spoke to you earlier, I’ll be blasting this out on social media every now and again to get more attention and grab more Toy Soldiers. Already we know Jedimom and a few others will be attending.

      Plus if my memory of random internet videos serves me correctly, there’s something about a kilt vs leafblower thing there?

    • Go for it! As you’re saying registration is free, GET THAT BOOTH! Even if it’s just you and your wife to start with, you will probably find some people who’ll be interested to join in!

    • Dr. Malice

      Ok….so I finally got the correct answer as to when Fan Table Applications are being accepted. I also found all the important dates for the convention on their website:

      October 1 – Guest and Performer Applications Open

      October 7 – Marriott Marquis rooms go on sale (9AM)

      November 13 – Final Day of $90 Membership Rate

      February 12 – Final Day of $100 Membership Rate

      February 15 – Parade Registration Opens

      February 19 – Fan Table Application Goes Online

      March 18 – Media Access Application Opens

      Apr 1 – Performer Application Close

      May 13 – Final Day of $110 Membership Rate

      May 31 – Guest Application Close

      June 30 – Fan Table Application Close

      July 15 – Final Day of $120 Membership Rate

      August 1 – Parade Registration Closes (Note – Registration will close before 8/1 if all slots are filled.)

      August 12 – Media Access Applications Close

      August 19 – Final Day of $130 Advance Membership Rate

      August 30 – Final Day of $150 Advance Membership Rate

      September 2 – September 5 – 30th Annual Dragon Con

    • Dr. Malice

      So, An update to this topic……


      Sort of a bad news, but in a good news sort of way, update. My wife and I have to cancel our DragonCon trip. However, the main reason is because she is applying to go back to school to get her doctorate. She already finished the application process (which believe me, was a loooong process) and she has an interview Mid-January. So, basically, if she gets in, she won’t be able to get off for the actual Con from school. 


      However, on the plus side, after she completes her doctorate, this opens up a slew of doors for us to be able to attend many Conventions and we can then try to re-initiate “Invasion of the Dragon(Con)” again then, as well as perhaps visiting all of you over in the UK and going to MCM London Comic Con. bliss_gif

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