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INVASION of Nation Vs Zombies. Springfield Missouri June24-26

Home Forums Missions INVASION of Nation Vs Zombies. Springfield Missouri June24-26

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INVASION of Nation Vs Zombies. Springfield Missouri June24-26

    • Commandant Beaker

      Greetings soldiers. The time has come. A reclusive billionaire has put out the call for all zombie hunters to descend on Missouri to join in a grand competition. To thoes that can complete a series of daring challenges. He has promised a great reward. However, thoes who fail will join the moving dead outside the walls.


      OK so the story part is out of the way. Here are the details. This is a humans vs zombies invitational meaning anyone can play. The organizes are hoping to get players from all over the everywhere to be honest. The event takes place over 3 days. Friday there will be D.A.R.T. con a mini con that is focused on NERF! Well known nerf youtubers will be in attendance. Like Lord draconical, bobololo, jaynerf, and vlad the nerf neko. Also at the con you will find upgrade parts and accessories. From orange mod works, containment crew, 3d printed solid, custom 3d nerf, and gorilla tacti-cool. Saturday starts the actual HvZ game. It will continue into sunday. Not only that but this is takeing place near Thunderdome. A man named Rob has turned his back yard into a Nerf arena. He is keeping it open and has invited anyone comeing to NvZ to play at thunderdome. 


      I will be there to represent the toy soldiers. My hope is that we can get a few soldiers together to form a squad. So get your Nerf gear together, and get ready for an insane HvZ invitational.

      Trailer from bobololo –

      Offical NvZ page –

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