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Intro Thread

    • Marishka

      Hello to everyone and welcome to Modified Steel. I would like to ask all members to please introduce themselves and tell us a bit about your body mods and you. :)


    • Sergeant Larks

      Well, I’m Larks, I live in Meridian, Idaho, and I have just 2 body mods. The first I got when I was 18, I let a friend of mine practice with his new tattoo gun and he put crooked music notes on my arm XD

      The next year, I went in and got my tongue pierced. I’m currently planning to cover my crooked notes with a TSU Smiley Robot when I next get paid (this Friday woot!)

    • Marishka

      Well I suppose I should probably introduce myself to all of you. My name is Marishka and I run this Spec Op. I have four tattoos so far; a howling wolf over top of a pentacle between my shoulder blades, a modified Edgar Allen Poe quote on the left side of my ribs, and a wolf paw print on the side of each hip. I also have five piercings so far; all in my ears, three on the right side, two on the left. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or ideas for Modified Steel. :)


    • Zapper

      Hi errrr-body!
      I’m Zapper, I live in Denmark and at the moment I only have a single body mod as you can see in the “Your modifications” thread!
      It’s a phoenix, located on my upper left back, I got it in December 2010, and I’m loving it!
      I’m currently planning a music inspired tattoo, that isn’t just your average guitar or music notes.. But I’m still trying to figure out how to do it!

      I’ve had a couple of piercings during my life, but I’ve had to take them out due to work and martial arts. :(

      So! That’s me, hi everybody!

    • MacBane Walker

      9 tats and counting. Next one getting drawn up :-D Can’t wait.

    • Hey guys! I’m Officer Dolor, I’ve got two piercings and a love for “corseting” the webbing of my hands (sanitized needles of course). I’ve just turned 18 though, so as soon as I havemoney I am getting my first three tattoos, one that’s a mirror of my late uncle’s, one for my dad, and one of an apple with a clockwork heart breaking through it (to symbolize how the teachers in my life have made me who I am).

    • J.F.C. Broken Loony

      An overdue intro:

      Greetings! Loony here. I currently have two tattoos (one on each arm) with the hopeful intent on getting two more pieces done by the end of this year, one of which is of my own design. I also have my ears pierced and gauged, snakebites, septum, labret (first ever facial piercing, done myself in high school), and two eyebrows. I used to have a monroe on my right side, but I retired it earlier this year simply because I thought it was uneven with all of my other piercings. I’m also a dye addict.

      Pictures to come very soon.


    • Marishka

      Its good to here about everyone, all of you feel free to come back and “modify” your intro stories if you ever feel like it. Lol.

    • Capt B Voodoo

      My name is SPC Voodoo. I currently have 11 tattoos and looking to get more. My left ear is pierced 4 times and the right is pierced once. I have a nose ring. I only have 1 nipple ring because the other was pulled out while “rough housing” one day. A bit painful but it did heal fine. :D

    • The Captain here. Only one tattoo for now but plans for many many more to come. 

    • Nurse Gemenon

      I have a sunflower tat on my right foot, a peacock feather behind my right ear, a pentacle scar on my left ankle and my nose & ears are pierced.

    • Constable Ad-Tavi

      Oh my! I may have found one more niche here among the soldiers. *squee*

      So, as you will see to the left, I am Ad-Tavi…and well….

      As to body modifications…let’s see: (it’s a long list so bear with me)


      1. Knuckle Tats: say “SNOW BEHR”
      2. Right Wrist circumference: Nautical coordinates for R’Lyeh and a sigil of Cthulhu
      3. Right forearm cuff: Forceful Waterfall Sutra on Tibetan clouds
      4. Chest tattoo: Haida god Sisiutl
      5. Below left ear: Svefnthorn rune
      6. Left upper arm band: Bear Maiden design
      7. Outer left forearm: Crisis NW’s “NW” design
      8. Inner left forearm: Kalachakra Mantra in flame colours
      9. Left inner wrist: Blue outlined puzzle piece with solid black puzzle piece inside
      10: Between shoulder blades: Romaji for “Boy”
      11: Lower back/tramp stamp: Zuni style zima
      12: Right foreleg: Haida style handprint
      13: Left ankle band: Tribal style androgyny symbols interlocked


      1. Left ear lobe @ 3/4 inch gauge
      2. Left tragus @ 12 gauge
      3. Lower lip, left side @ 14 gauge
      4. Septum @ 6 gauge
      5. Right ear lobe (lost tissue and now wear no jewellery) @ 5/8 inch gauge
      6. Upper right ear lobe # 1 @ 2 gauge
      7. Upper right ear lobe #2 @ 6 gauge
      8. Upper ear cartellage piercing @ 12 gauge


      1. Left shoulder: 3 small bear paw outlines- scarification
      2. Right shoulder: Lip print outline- branding
      3. Right upper breast: Roman numeral 3- branding

      And so far, that is it, even though I have plans for getting more of each. laughcool

    • PFC Sinphonite

      ‘Lo!  I’m a bit of a tattoo and piercing fanatic, and would love to do more “extreme” mods if it weren’t for current society’s lack of acceptance (As I do need to work…)


      I’ve actually come to enjoy doing my own piercings. At most, I had:

      0g Lobes

      14g Erl (Bridge of nose)

      10g Tongue

      4x 14g Lower Lip (“Shark Bites”)

      12g Nips

      And 6… other body piercings between 4g-10g


      Along with my left arm sleeved with a giant squid wrecking a ship in a storm, which covered up my oldest tattoos from when I was 13.  And a small cactuar and grumpy face thing on my right arm, also done when I was 13.  Those will eventually get covered up as well when I get the extra funds, haha. laugh

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