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Interest in/assistance with CoC/Delta Green (horror) forum roleplay

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Interest in/assistance with CoC/Delta Green (horror) forum roleplay

    • Donovan Digital

      I built (ok, pretty much plagiarized wholesale from a russian tv show =P)a CoC/Delta green campaign awhile back that I feel would be well suited to forum roleplay/collaborative fiction. For those unfamiliar with the setting; basically HP lovecraft meets the x files.

      I’m not going to go into much more detail until people show interest, but i would like to say that I’ve never run a campaign in this fashion before so if there isnt anybody with experience willing to act as assistant gm things might start out bumpy. Not that i dont feel like I could work it out, but it might be a rough(er) start.

      Mods; if you dont think this should be done in the forum by all means let me know and I’ll make a google group or something.



    • Since I now have more time on my hands and am an old hand when it comes to the Cthulhu mythos (at least half a dozen small campaigns for Call of Cthulhu alone) I’m willing to lend the assist if you need it.

      Are you just looking for a second GM to keep things stable (effectively modding) or somebody to help with setting and possible plot hooks?

    • Donovan Digital

      Oh the former, definitely. Thanks for getting back to me, first off. I have everything but the finest of details fleshed out already (Plagiarize! Plagiarize! Let no one else’s work evade your eyes! =P). There is one detour that I don’t know if I’ll take, we’ll see how it goes, but like I said plot is mostly handled.

      I  am not real interested in doing full CoC character sheets, just let people rate skills on a scale of 1-5 and we can tell them if they’re overpowered/out of character. Or we an just give a max point total, whatever.

      As a bit of a teaser and to discuss my greatest concern, as you may or may not know many/most Delta Green PCs are federal agents of some flavor. Since this will take place in modern Russia, people will naturally want to play russian agents (not russian-american agents, russian govt employees). This is a challenge to put it very mildly. Americans cannot begin to imagine the level of government corruption in modern Russia. Any Russian Gov’t agent of sufficient rank to be a DG PC is lawful neutral _at best_, IMO more of a roleplaying challenge than most players are ready for/interested in.

      That aside, this can work just as well with traditional CoC pcs. My argument for DG boils down to personal preference and a few handy plot hooks.

    • Donovan Digital

      Again, thanks for your interest and here’s hoping people show up :)

    • In that case I’ll pull out my Paranoia and Unknown Armies hats as well. Both games that dealt very well with government agancies, corruption and otherworldly/bizarre horror ranging from the insane to the simply chilling.

      See if you can get Dutch’s blessings before hitting the forums with this (since we already have an RP) and I’ll make sure your NPC’s are up to spec and the players remain civil.

    • Scouter715

      as mentioned at ur other post i do gming for coc i never did delta green i want to learn it though 



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