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Interest in/assistance with CoC/Delta Green (horror) fo...

Kromina Sofya Art

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Interest in/assistance with CoC/Delta Green (horror) forum roleplay

    • Donovan Digital


      Crossposted from game cause I thought it might be relevant.

      I built (ok, pretty much plagiarized wholesale from a russian tv show =P)a CoC/Delta green campaign awhile back that I feel would be well suited to forum roleplay/collaborative fiction. For those unfamiliar with the setting; basically HP lovecraft meets the x files.

      I’m not going to go into much more detail until people show interest, but i would like to say that I’ve never run a campaign in this fashion before so if there isnt anybody with experience willing to act as assistant gm things might start out bumpy. Not that i dont feel like I could work it out, but it might be a rough(er) start.

      Mods; if you dont think this should be done in the forum by all means let me know and I’ll make a google group or something.



    • Scouter715

      I GM coc but i never did the delta green missions im kinda wanna look into delta green so i would be glad to help

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