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Interest Check – Wargaming Division

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Interest Check – Wargaming Division

    • Kraken

      Hidely ho neighbourinos. 


      Me and a few other Toy Soldiers have been talking about setting up a specialist division for a while now to help our fellow wargamers in the army get together and enjoy a battle or two. Having checked with Dutch that all was cool and froody, I’m putting this thread up to see who’d be interested in such a division!

      The scope of it would be as follows: 

      • We’d not focus on any particular system, so no chance of domination by one particular company – you know, the infamous one. Cough.
      • We’re looking at simple meetups at first, organised by local area rather than anything else or, y’know, wherever’s easiest to travel to that a lot of people can get to.  
      • In the future, there will be tournaments in a number of different systems, depending on what’s popular… so watch this space!

      The division will also allow people to showcase their collections, write up battle reports for games they’re particularly proud of and generally show off their love of a great and extremely rewarding hobby under a single banner. What’s the word, then? Who’s up for it?

    • Scouter715

      Probably for the most part people wont be able to join you in real life maybe skype or some webcam system will help or there are games like tabletop simulator people can play games in

    • Kraken

      I did expect that, actually. It’s a good point, though!

      To be honest, I don’t expect people outside of the UK (and then only parts of it) can join me specifically. However, the division would be a great way to organise local meetups in the areas a lot of Toy Soldiers live in – there’s a big ol’ gang in Boston and the surrounding area, for example, and London is an obvious hub for any soldiers in the UK. I’m thinking the Division would be more useful to people that way.

    • Captain Dermut

      I’m not really a wargamer. That saying I have two armies and spend some times in GW’s employ. But truely, I haven’t played in a long time. Think my last game I played was Bloodbowl (does that also count as a war game?) years ago. My mind just doesn’t work in a tactical manner.


      But in case the discussion turns to paintjobs and scenery, I’m more than game.

    • Kraken

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t be. While some wargames have moved on from the ol’ self-painting days – X-Wing, to name one – most still require a bit of artistic involvement. 

      In any case, people shouldn’t be put off by their own respective skill level. I’m no Napoleon myself; this division would be for people of all levels and interests. No “That Guy” behaviour here, as it’d be contrary to the ethics of the Army for one – if only one person in a group’s having fun because they’re tabling everyone else, it’s a failure of a group.

      Scouter made a good point above, by the way. A worldwide tournament is INDEED possible, albeit difficult, due to the online simulators available to allow for games across oceans. I even used to use one in Uni… though I don’t remember what it was called. D’uuhhhhhgh.

      (Also OF COURSE Blood Bowl’s a wargame, have you seen how many people get killed by the crowd alone?)

    • Geoff Nicholson

      I support this, but I won’t be able to help.
      I can probably recruit a friend or two who are painters and not gamers to participate in the scenery and mini part of the activities.

      Besides, I like Pirates of the Spanish Main, which I think has been out of print for a decade now… made by the OTHER name in gaming (WotC).

      I’ve a friend who was big into shot-and-pike adaptations, and had a large mass of pewter pikemen and rules for English Civil War 28mm formations…

    • Kraken

      Any support is good! if nothing else, it swells the potential membership of the division and means that we’ll have plenty of people to trade ideas with when it comes to our fave games/strategies/worst modelling injuries or whatever. 

      Mate, I feel you on the out of print games – rest in peace, Mordheim.

    • PFC Sinphonite

      I would love a wargaming division!  Unfortunately, not being anywhere nearby would firmly put me in the “Unable to attend in person” category unless we could get a large group in FL.  


      I’ve been a long time wargamer, playing everything from The Sword and the Flame napoleonics to Dreadball to… well, “That game.”  I’m actually part of an upstart gaming company, working on our first products (Mats, specifically) while doing reviews and the like.

    • Kraken

      Once again I find myself feeling foolish for not checking this thread more often.

      Man, that’s so cool! I’m always impressed by folks who try to get out into the gaming world for themselves, regardless of capacity. It takes a spine of steel in a world where GW’s lawyers are lurking in every alleyway, C&D notices ready in hand – I understand this is part of the reason some of the BatRep channels on Youtube ran into difficulty. Seems silly to me, seeing as it’s basically free advertising, but there we are.

      What sort of mats do you make? General all-purpose ones, or for any specific systems?

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