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If you could go ONE place in the United States… a...

Home Forums General Discussions If you could go ONE place in the United States… and in your home town.

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If you could go ONE place in the United States… and in your home town.

    • TheAtomicSoul

      Questions for everyone- please answer this to your personal desire, your hearts content.

      If you could go ONE place anywhere within the United States, where would it be and what would you do there?




      If someone came to YOUR town (or a nearby one), what one thing should they do while there that they would remember the rest of their life?




      If you could go ONE place- anywhere in the world- where would it be, and what would you do there?

    • Anonymous

      I would love to see the California redwoods again.  If someone came to Waukegan, I’d have to direct them to the art community downtown and the lakefront.:smile:

    • jedimom

      I would go to Glacier National Park. It was one of my Dad’s dreams to go there, but he never made it – but not for the lack of trying. We attempted several times, but something always happened – usually pertaining to our vehicle. SO I’d go for him and try to see it through his eyes


      In my hometown, there’s really nothing spectacular. we have the lake, but anymore its not really safe to swim in anymore. There is still boating though. Other than that, I cannot think of a reason for anyone to travel there

    • Lt. Sophie

      That’s a difficult one since I want to visit so many places. But I ALWAYS wanted to see New Orleans. Mostly for the music, the history, the food and the people.

      If you would come to visit my town, I’d recommend the park and historic centre. It’s really nothing special, a typical German small town. It has some nice restaurants (best pizza you can get here!), bars, pubs, cafés and shops and of course you can enjoy delicious German beer. But besides that if one of you comes to town, you will have to visit me. You’re always welcome ;)

    • TheAtomicSoul

      I added another question to the original post:

      “If you could go ONE place- anywhere in the world- where would it be, and what would you do there?”

    • The Architect

      It would not matter on either place. as long as it was far from people who say things to undermine a persons work and efforts. plain and simple. So I guess anywhere certain people are not located.

       ***(it should be noted that this is sort of a reference to a secret project that myself and a number of other toysoldiers, and Brassgoggle members are working on.)  :)

    • TheAtomicSoul

      Having started this thread, I should post a response to the questions too, in case others pass through my area. :)


      My Town: I’m on the edge of two towns: Oak Ridge, TN and Knoxville, TN USA.

      Oak Ridge, also known as the Secret City, was the site of the Manhattan Project which built the Atomic Bomb. The main thing we have visible publicly is the American Museum of Science and Energy

      Nothing major beyond that though. :P


      In the town next to us is Knoxville, TN. This is where in 1982 we had The Worlds Fair and the Sun Sphere was built. This sphere has shown up in an episode of The Simpons as the “Wig Sphere”

      (and only related by the name)


      You can now go up into the sphere- they’ve added an observation deck to it along with a restaurant!

      Beyond these, there’s not much else in the area unless there’s a convention. :)

      If I could go one place in the world, it would have to be Australia. Because I love kangaroos and want to go camping there to see them and Ayers Rock! (Uluru)



    • Private A. Gryphon

      If I could go one place in the US, I would love to go to New York. I would love to go see shows on broadway.


      If someone came to my hometown of Banner Elk, NC I would tell them they must have gotten a bit lost to wind up there. But while they were there, they had to go to the Woolly Worm Festival! It takes place in the fall, and is a celebration of the seaons changing, the crafts of the locals, food, and music. It’s named the “Woolly Worm Festival” after Pyrrharctia isabella, or the Banded Woolly Bear Caterpillar. The “woolly worm” became the mascot because every year we would get together and race the fuzzy worms up strings.:D


      If I could go anywhere in the world, I would want to go to south america. I want to see ancient ruins as well as the local wildlife. I’m a sucker for birds, and they have some amazing ones in South America 

    • Metal Oxide

      I would like to tour the USA visiting unusual places such as UFO hotspots and   Centralia, Pennsylvania, the ‘real’ Silent Hill. :)

    • Nurse Gemenon

      Folks coming to Albuquerque, New Mexico- should come in October and witness the International Balloon Fiesta.

      If I were to go anywhere in the US- I would want to go to Hawaii. Seeing a live volcano would be the bees-knees. I would also love to try traditional Polynesian foods, watch poi & hula dances and just live on the beach for a week or so.

      If I could go anywhere in the World- WOW! That one is tough, because I have several on my ‘bucket list’. I guess if it came down to being able to do only one I would say Italy. Food, romance, history, culture….

    • My 1 place in the United States would be Hawaii. I love the beach so that would be where you would find me most of the time. I would probably do a lot of hiking too.


      My Hometown is Robstown Texas. Talk about small town. But right next to Robstown is Corpus Christi. Plenty of stuff to see there plus it’s the home of the Whataburger.


      My 1 place in the world would have to be Scotland. I have always wanted to see the Highlands.

    • Ivarr

      my number one place in the US is Minnesota “arrowhead”. it’s my favorite place on earth, and I want to show it to my Fiance who has never traveled much at all.


      as for in my home town, New Richmond WI… Brady’s Brewhouse. it is the -only- interesting thing in this town, but it is well worth it. excellent food, and Microbrews ahoy!


    • TheAtomicSoul

      @Ivarr said:
      as for in my home town, New Richmond WI…


      Have you ever been to the Harry Houdini Historical Center?
      330 East College Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911 USA

      It’s about 4 hours from where you are, but seems like an interesting place if you ever go to that area.

      ( Then again, I did magic when I was a kid, so I’m partial. :P )


      ~ TheAtomicSoul

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