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Hymn for the TSU

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Hymn for the TSU

    • Not sure if I should write more on this one but I think it has legs. I chose the Alexandrine format for its consistent syllable pattern that being in iambs, makes it rather epic to march to if you get it right.


      An Alexandrine Hymn of the TSU

      Open eyes to wonder, your mind an open door,
      Don’t buy into their lies, demand truth, demand more.
      Praise imagination, and love what you create,
      Rediscover childhood, Not too old, not too late.
      Play games have fun and laugh, and let them call you mad,
      Days to come may yet be, the best you ever had.

      Join your fellow soldiers, and fight the cause of fun,
      Sing to fight apathy, let misery be done!
      Ever marching forward, for progress is our goal,
      They may take our freedom, but cannot have our souls!

    • Minion

      That’s brilliant! :D

    • Lt. Easterling
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