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How to role play in forums

    • J.F.C. Broken Loony

      This is for those who are unfamiliar with the world of forum role-play, to explain how one would make a post.

      In the world of forum role-playing, the length of a post matters to some players (literate to semi-literate). Other players draw from your posts as sources of inspiration, containing information about the character and setting that would help them interact properly. Some literate role-plays require several paragraphs in a single post.

      Remember that you are only in control of YOUR character, unless you have the permission of another player’s character.

      One starts with a subject.

      X went to the store.

      Simple and as dull as one can be, right? So spice it up.

      On a bright sunny day, X went down into the valley to the local farmer’s market.

      Better? Sometimes it helps to describe the lesser actions, events that one would offhandedly notice with their senses.

      The summer breeze swept over the rolling hills, dancing upon waves of green grass as the scent of lilac laced the air. The windows in the small blue car were down, allowing the wind to weave through the vehicle with ease, while the radio hummed beneath the combined sound of the engine and the wind. X made her way down the dirt road into the valley toward the local farmer’s market, as she was planning to make a fancy dinner for a very special night.

      It’s easy once you get the hang of it. Now, when responding to another player’s post, make your observations and predict a likely reaction your character would make.

      X made her way down the stands, looking over various goods. She was unable to locate that nice old couple who always sold the best organic vegetables in the area.

      Y noticed a lovely woman who seemed rather lost in the crowd of shoppers. This wasn’t the first time he had seen her. He had been helping out with his grandparent’s produce stand for 2 years and today was the first time he was allowed to run the stand by himself. Y called out to her as he motioned to the medium sized wooden sign that hung from the front of the table, “Miss? Are you looking for us?”

      I hope this helps some of you.

      If anyone has any other tips or pointers, feel free to post them!!

    • Luis The Wolf

      Good post, very understandable. Thank you. Now lets see who wants to start something up?

    • Nurse Imbri

      Agreed. Though I admit to being too shy to be the one who begins said RP thread…

    • Geoff Nicholson

      Oh, perhaps this can drive more interest to people playing in the TS Unite RP which was started on the old site? Lemme see if I should start a new thread about this…

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