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Hi i’m Mobius

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Hi i’m Mobius

    • Mobius

      Hi i am Mobius. I’m French (so if i make a few spelling mistakes, correct me please :D) and i’m learning computer science, mathematics and statistics (but I’m really bad at the last one).


      I will do my best to spray the message of dr steel from France sir!

    • Widdershins

      Bonjour, Mobius!

      Your spelling seems nearly impeccable, though, maybe you meant “spread” instead of “spray”?

      Anyways, welcome.

    • Mobius

      Yea that it!

      Thank, sir! :D

    • Anonymous

      Salut, Mobius!

      Welcome to our army. Don’t worry about any conversation problems or the spelling. We’ve got people from all over the world. 
      I’m a german girl, so we’re somehow neighbours ;)


      Get some mind controlling cookies and brainwashing tea, while you’re joining us. 


    • Akera

      Hey Mobius!

      What a coincidence, a new Frenchie. Just one month after me. I’m happy to see you.

      Maybe are we neighbours? What do you think about take a cookie one day?

    • Callie Albert
    • Ali Sami Farooq

      Hey Mobius!.

      Welcome to the amazing place of Information, glad to meet you . By the way i have same problem like you (Spelling mistake).

      Ali Sami Farooq

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