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Helping out M.E.D.I.A.

Kromina Sofya Art

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Helping out M.E.D.I.A.

    • Madd Hatter just sent us this, “SO! Guys, M.E.D.I.A and The Laughasylum are working on a new project to get new TSU shows out, silly news shows, animated shows, commercials, etc. What is needed from W.R.I.T.E are scripts, skits, gags, we need lots and lots of material to work with. So, you guys in? To make Steel TV a Reality?”, but as I don’t know if everyone checks the group page, I thought I’d repost it here, maybe we spitball ideas in this thread. :)

    • Flare by N-N-E

      If it’s not too late here’s a general-type idea:


      On his remote island the doctor was working on his greatest project: a (sentient) robot whose exact purpose only the doctor knew (or did he?) unfortunately the doctor was forced to abandon the island before the project was complete, but he was close, perhaps too close, for this robot managed to escape the sealing of the lab and after seeing it destroyed, feeling alone, being incomplete, lacking a purpose he chose one himself, and he chose vengeance,  he chose to take over the world for he was Iron I the fixer of problems and no problem of no man, machine or talking fruit will stop him, he would fix all problems, he would take over the world, fix it and rule it as the Great Fixer .



      And thus began the quest of Iron I for world domination via fixing of problems


      The humorous potential is virtually limitless with such a character but before I get into any specific “adventures” or detailed character design I want to get some feedback on the general idea.

       (Potential supporting character: Lo-Geek [made in china], because why not?)


      So, any opinions / suggestions?

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