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Greetings, Programs! A few questions…

    • Flynn

      Greetings, all!

      It’s been awhile. Kinda like stepping into a old, fantastically-fitting pair of boots. Though it’s been so long since I’ve been here, things are so different!
      Anyway, to the qvestions.

      Am I mistaken in remembering a Pirate division? I could have sworn, not only was there one, but I was in it. Then again, I had to re-register some time ago, too (if memory serves).

      If such monster no longer exists, is procedure to make a division still as it once was?  

      Also, in an attempt to edit my profile, I’m greeted with a magnificently blank page. Just wondering if there’s a glitch somewhere.
      I’ve found one edit page. However, I’m attempting to change my name. And I see no way to do so. Be I blind? Or simply missing something?

      It’s good to be back, dear Toy Soldiers, and I do hope to be a bit more active.
      Cheers, amigos.


    • Sgt. Dutch

      Welcome back, Captain Flynn! Good to have you back on board.

      Yes there have been quite a few changes since you were last here, and I’ll give you the quick run down.

      When Doc retired, TSU went independent and we rebuilt the site from scratch. Those divisions who we received word from that they wished to continue to be active were transferred over. Unfortunately I do not believe ARR was amongst those. Since the old database wasn’t transferable, ALL Toy Soldiers had to re-register, if they so wished.

      If it were to be reformed, the same procedure as before exists, with a few tweaks. Answers can be found in the F.A.Q. But please bare in mind, divisions aren’t going to be made for the sake of having that division, there has to be genuine interest and activity from those Toy Soldiers who want to form one.

      As for the profile editing, we’re actually in the process of upgrading some parts of the website, BECAUSE the system for profiles and divisions had become outdated and buggy. The Divisions section has been updated, thanks to the efforts of Engineer Airhead, our resident goggled codemonkey, and profiles will be migrated to the forum system once we are able (TSU is still run part time and without funding, so these things happen when meatspace allows us).

      If you’ve got any other questions, do let us know. Check the Announcements or the Website News forums, or the FAQ.

      And again, welcome back Flynn!

      Sergeant Dutch
      TSU Administrator

    • Captain Dermut

      Wasn’t ARR merged with the nautical Division? Because of…… well….. boats?

    • Flynn

      Groovylicious Dutch, you magnificent creature.

      I was unaware it was an entirely new website.
      Well done, everyone!

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