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Goosebumps movie

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Goosebumps movie

    • Sgt. Nack

      Ok, so here I am. I just got the Goosebumps movie starring Jack Black. It was a good movie and I even laughed at the end when R.L. Stine (Jack Black) passes Mr. Black the drama teacher (R.L. Stine) in the hall. Like how funny is it that R.L. Stine is playing Mr. Black and Jack Black is playing R.L. Stine.

      But then after the credits R.L. Stines most well known monster Slappy the evil Ventriloquist dummy decides he needs his own special feature all about him.

      This is where it really made my day because in the middle of watching the All About Slappy special feature I see this guy come on screen.

      SERIOUSLY! Who is this guy? This guy was my favorite part of this movie, I almost choked on my drink when I saw him.
      This guy needs a serious Toy Soldier medal, he is the only Soldier I know of that has invaded a movie.

    • This is all kinds of awesome! 

    • Sgt. Nack
    • KP

      Stuff like this just makes my day.
      I haven’t seen the movie, though I may consider it on your recommendation.
      I used to be a fan of the books and TV series back in the day.

    • ashleydaniel

      It’s an amazing movie but one of the best movie scene who give Goosebumps are The Xenomorph Breathing In Ripley’s Face In Alien 3, I got that movies from ReeCoupons, and I really enjoyed that movie with my friends.

    • Ali Sami Farooq

      I didnt watch this movie so i’m noot able to comment that this good or bad . In this weekend i will surely watch this movie and share my reviews. ~ Ali Sami Farooq

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