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Giving Props

    • Feel free to post your kudos, props, thank yous, smiles and all around good cheer to things you like best about TSU, a special Toy Soldier or anything in your Utopian Playland that you wish.

      Here’s mine:
      The new banner is Awesome!
      Sgt. Dutch’s Pinecone Broadcast’s Rock!

      And my many thanks to the following TS over the years:
      Commander JET, Mum, Charlene, Jonny B., Vinnie, JediMom, Amy, Canker,
      and most of all Dr. Steel.
      TO me, you all exemplify what it means to be a Toy Soldier.

    • Props to you, Professor Jimmy, for giving some exemplary Toy Soldiers some props!


      – Many More Props and Ectoplasmic Enemas,
      Dr. Sheilagh R. Elfinstone, D. Pr. M.

    • Props to every Toy Soldier who has hung in there through the thick and thin of being a Toy Soldier through a regime change, through the fun times and the headaches of events not working out, through the loss of dear soldiers and our leader, through the ups and downs, spammers and clowns. Props to every Toy Soldier who is a Toy Soldier!… You all are Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen, because You all are NUMBER ONE!

    • Commander JET

      Thank you Jimmy! MaD pRoPs to you and Dr. Sheilagh R. Elfinstone as well! You both ROCK! 8)

    • Col. Canker Canison

      I wish I had found this post earlier, to thank Jimmy for his kind words. YOU were the epitome of a Toy Soldier, my friend.

    • Lt. Sophie

      I think I am gonna revive this thread, because it has been way too long.

      Props to all the active and creative soldiers out there, you are the people that make a difference in this world.

      Special props to the core of TSU, the administrators and codemonkeys that keep the site and community running and rolling.

      And of course, the biggest props to the Toy Soldier of my heart, for inspiring me and supporting me in all my projects and ideas.


      I love you all, you guys are my family. smile

    • Props to everyone on here I always feel welcome

      Props to all the wonderful, creative people that make this groups what it is.

    • Gosh… props? Where do I start?

      • Props to all the soldiers on Youtube, who were the ones to first catch my attention. (TSFreakzoid, Jonny B. Goode, oojama9, Scouter 715, etc.)
      • Props to all of the wonderful administrators, moderators, coders, and other important people! You guys are what keep us alive and kicking, and that deserves some respect. (AKA I second Lt. Sophie, because DARN you guys are great.) 
      • Props to everyone on the forums. As a new-ish user, I get a little bit terrified whenever I want to post something, because I’m afraid I’ll put it in the wrong place, or that people will ignore me, or that everyone will criticize me. (Stupid anxiety things, I know, but it still happens.) However, so far, the people here are really nice, and while I still haven’t posted a lot, I feel a little bit better when I do.
      • Props to Private Deadsheep, and the rest of my legion that almost was, for reinforcing that this is definitely a commitment that you need to make. (This comment isn’t sarcastic, I really am grateful. Even though some drama does still occasionally go down between Deadsheep and I, I’m thankful that they were there to begin with, even if they never really were that invested, and did lose hope.)
      • Props to Rion Vernon, obviously, for dedicating so much of his life, time, and career to us. (Along with Rion, I give props to John Soares and Paul Alborough for really, genuinely bringing joy, amusement, and inspiration to many, many people.)

      I have to admit, I’m running out of ways to say “I LOVE EVERYONE IN THE TSU YOU’RE ALL SO CREATIVE AND INSPIRING AND I WANNA BE LIKE YOUUUU”. You can bet that if I ever get the permission (and time) to publish the big propaganda piece that I’ve been working on, there’ll be an extended list along these lines. 

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