Gavin the Bat- Webcomic (and shameless self-promotion)

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Gavin the Bat- Webcomic (and shameless self-promotion)

  • Mike Mcnanner

    Hey y’all. I can’t think of where else I could put this, so here we go. Feel free to move it somewhere else if you want.

    So basically, I’ve started up a webcomic, and it’d be awesome if some of you could check it out, give it a read, and if you have Tumblr, maybe reblog it and help me find some more readers.

    It goes by the name of Gavin the Bat, it’s a fairly simple slice-of-life story about a kid starting life in a new town and a new school. It just so happens, that he lives in a world where monsters co-exist with humans. Even more crazy, he himself is part monster. Hijinks, misadventures and fun ensues.

    Anyway, if you like what you see give it a read, maybe follow the blog, whatever you like.


    Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see more of this kid’s adventures!

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