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Gaming Marathon – Setting Up for Streaming

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Gaming Marathon – Setting Up for Streaming

    • Silent Addle

      Hey guys,
      So for those who are interested in joining us in Streaming during the Mammoth (or those who want a hand Streaming regardless).


      At the end of this post is a link to a much more in depth and detailed tutorial on how to set up an awesome Stream using OBS and Twitch, I am only covering the basics, if you have any questions you’d rather ask here, feel free or message me directly.

      Now on to the knowledge sharing!


      To start with we’re going check our net speeds, as we’re going to need at least 1Mbps upload speed, the better your upload speed the better!
      I use but you can use any service you’re familiar with

      You’ve got the speed? Now to create an account over at
      Whats that you say, you already have an account? Jolly good show, that’s a quick and easy job out of the way.

      Next we want to look at the programs you can use to stream, I’m suggesting you set up OBS as it’s what I use and I can provide some points of interest later if needs be.
      At the end I’ll include other handy links.

      Right! OBS, you can get it here:
      They have Windows, Mac and Linux but I use Windows so I’ll walk you through that.

      To start with we need to link Twitch and OBS together.
      Head to and click on Stream Key.

      Once that page loads, click Show Key, this is important so copy it, keep it secret, keep it safe.

      Now we’ve got your Stream Key, open OBS and you’ll see a set of buttons at the bottom, one is labelled Settings, click that and select Broadcast Settings.

      You’ll see a window that looks vaguely like the following image.

      Ensure your mode is set to Live Stream then select Twitch from the Services menu and then in the field Stream Key, enter your key!
      Oh, and maybe select your nearest Twitch server out of the FMS URL menu.

      And that is it, well, for the most part.

      Hit apply and Okay, you’ll be sent back to the main part of OBS.

      From here I want you to make sure there is an entry in the Scenes segment.
      If there isn’t then don’t worry, just right click the white box, select “Add Scene” and add a name.
      Once you have a scene, we need to add a Source, so right click Sources, select add -> Game Capture.

      At this point you want your game to be running, so go run it quickly if you haven’t already, then under the Application menu you’ll find the title of your game (notice how Minecraft starts with [javaw], don’t be worried if it has something else there for your game.

      Hit okay and then you’ll go back to the main view again.
      Select Preview Stream and you should see the game there.

      That is pretty much everything you need to start Streaming.
      Personally I like to run my games windowed so I can keep an eye on OBS while I stream as the application has some handy information that can be useful as you stream, for example it’ll tell you how many frames you’re dropping (and show you what percentage you’re dropping), if you find you’re dropping too many frames try scaling the Stream back, either in size or FPS as a smaller stream is going to be better than something that stops and starts over and over.

      Now, if you don’t like OBS, Twitch has a few different apps that will work with it, go take a look here:
      And finally, if you want more indepth details there is a set of more rounded tutorials available on the OBS site, you can find some here:

      Personally, the biggest draw for me to OBS is the freedom you get, some other services won’t let you add things like a Camera Feed, if you don’t pay for an account, if you saw last years Stream of Don’t Starve Together, I had a videoclip running while I took a break from playing, and an image overlayed the game after we passed our targets, both of these things are easy to do using OBS.

    • Thanks, I can now stream stuff too thanks to this little tutorial cool

    • Silent Addle

      Hey Guys!

      So, net was down for a week but the net is back, you know the story.

      What you may not know though, is that I’m planning to add a little more to this post in the next week or so.

      I’ll be showing you how to set up OBS to stream to YouTube (if such a thing matters to you) and also showing you a couple of awesome plugins you can work with for amazing results.

      I’m gonna aim to give you all the tools you need to make a kickturnip stream, you just need to bring the gaming.

      If there is any topic or info you want covered, let me know and I will get on top of it.

      Whose coming with me?

    • Robin The Fox

      Hi, I’ve managed to get video to go to OBS however the stupid can’t pick up audio from my audio interface.


      Any help would be awesome, want to twitch stream some music making but this is getting to be a horrible headache.

    • Maybe this can help?

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