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Gaming Mammoth Announcement 1

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Gaming Mammoth Announcement 1

    • Silent Addle

      Hey guys!
      So, polls are now closed and the 2017 Toy Soldier Gaming Mammoth will be supporting Mind, a Uk based mental health support charity, with 52% of the votes so I guess you guys take mental health seriously and for that I applaud you. All three charities represented our community in different ways but your choice was clear.

      Now we know who we want to support we can move forward, let’s start with the when.
      Currently we are looking to run the Mammoth in the first weekend of April (March 31st through April 2nd). This is currently a soft target just in case anything major interferes, so if you want to wait til we solidify the date before booking time off work that is perfectly fine.

      Next, I would like to propose a small change to the way we run the Mammoth.
      Last year we had the core TSU channel hosting a different streamer at random every 30 minutes, this worked for the most part but it seems to have caused a few technical issues, too.
      The proposed change is this:
      For 2017 we run the TSU channel in a planned schedule, with those of us who are streaming across the weekend booking a 2 hour slot. This way we can make plans for our streams and try to maintain a quality of content.
      What do you guys think? It would mean that if you select a graveyard slot we’ll need you to be there, but it does mean that individual streamers don’t need to force themselves to try and go 48+ hours (although if people want to, we won’t fault them).

      Finally, both Airhead and LtSophie are working on updates to the event, with Airhead working on the site for some much needed updates and Sophie working on an entirely new Mammoth project.
      If you have been following Sophie’s Twitch or Twitter, you’ll have seen that she has been working on a selection of Mammoths dressed up as videogame characters.
      We haven’t finalised the plans for this yet but we are loosely planning to make limited edition tshirts available during the event. We just need to get the details planned out but we will of course keep you guys up to date.

      And with that, the next job for me is to start getting in contact with folks and peoples, I will get in contact with Mind and get their official okay to fundraise for them so we can officially announce it on the Charity page, then we can start seeking sponsorship again.
      The 2016 event had some great sponsors who helped us show our appreciation to a few lucky folks who donated and with such support we could make next year even better.

      Thanks for taking part, it is thanks to your work that we can make the world just a little bit better for someone.
      Now, lets get down to business.

      -Silent & The Mammoth Team

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