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Game Types

    • Toy Soilder Suit

      I think its safe to say that we all love nerf guns. But what games to we play with them? Zombie matches? Storm the castle? Rescue the princess? Free for all? List the game types that you know of here!

    • Toy Soilder Suit

      Game Type: OMFG ZOMBIES!

      Win Condition: To survive an allotted time or number of waves of zombies.
      Objectives can be set through out the game for verity.

      Lose Condition: All survivors become zombies.

      Zombies can only use boffers or melee weapons
      Humans can only use Nerf weapons
      The starting zombie has 5 hit points
      Humans and regular zombies have 3 hit points.
      A hit to the chest takes away 2 hit points
      A hit to the arm or leg takes away 1 hit point and you can’t use the hit limb
      A hit to the head is 3 points. ((Use this rule at your own risk. Some people are more lenient with head shots then others.))
      When a zombie is killed it needs to go back to the spawn point before it can attack again.
      When a human is killed they drop their weapons and ammo and join the zombie team.

      Optional Rules
      -Weapon Teirs. At the start the humans only get small hand guns. Such as the Maverick and specter. But as more waves they complete they gain access to more powerful weapons. Take some time to organize the weapon tiers before the game starts.

      -Devine intervention. Have one

    • Toy Soilder Suit

      Game Type: DEFEND THE CORE!

      Win condition: To get more darts into the enemy’s core then your own.

      There are two variants of this game that my local nerf war group plays. One is where both teams have a core. The other is where there is one core and the two teams switch from defending the core and attacking it.

      A core usually consists of a box with a six to ten inch hole cut into it. The core is set up in a position where it can be protected, but can be fairly attacked by the other team. Use your own judgment on this.

      There are five minuets in each game
      Players start at their spawn point
      Every one gets 3 hit points
      Torso shots take 2 Hit points
      Limb shots take 1 Hit point and you lose control of the shot limb
      Head shots take 3 Hit points (Once again… Use this rule at your own risk)
      When killed the player needs to run back to their spawn point before they can attack again.

    • Commander JET

      8-O I love these games so much Toy Soldier Suit!! Wonderful ideas! This really makes me want to play!…like now!

      Thank you!!:D

    • clownieX

      I play allot of NERF NIC and this is a staple that

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