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Fying Robots?

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Fying Robots?

    • Dr Steele

      Looking for all the toy soldiers dabbling in the world of flying robots. Ever since I was a young lad i have looked to the birds with jealousy… to be able to experience the true freedom of flight. Now with drones like dji and my personal favorite, the custom built performance based fpv quads, i am able to be truly free. Now that they are here, we must keep them from being taken by the powers at be and use them for good. my creations can do what most others cant and can be used to take humanity to the next stage.

    • Dr JT Steel

      Greetings, and welcome. I’m glad you found us…

      As you already know, I have been experimenting with the Steelwing 1, which I built from broken pre-existing drones. I am sure there are other Toy Soldiers here whom fly drones as well :)

      Let us all take our imagination to new heights!
      (Responsibly, of course)

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