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Future Plans

  • Share what plans/ideas are for future body mods.

  • I plan on adding to my left leg where my YJ tattoo is with all comic book inspired stuff ie Spawn, The Flash idk who else just yet.

  • Nurse Gemenon

    Here is my to-do list:

    A 5 dragon tattoo on my right thigh/leg- each dragon represents a different interpretation of the dragon and each dragon will be designed to represent something important in my life, which shaped me into the person that I am.

    A sleeve on my left arm incorporating two snakes, roses, 19 loose alexandrites and a string of pearls. (a visual interpretation of my birthday)

    A Queens crown tattooed at the base of my neck

    A 5 point star tattooed on my left ear with a diamond stud pierced at the center.

    I would love to have a dermal bindi piercing, but I’m getting mixed reports on if I can get MRI safe hardware



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