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First CHEER mission!

    • JJObscene

      Well, i got to thinking after awhile about doing a project of sharing one’s own environment. 

      So, i have a mission for all of you.

      The mission goes as such:

      1st step: Go out and about in the world and get a photo, of a place, thing, or anything really.
      2nd step: Write a letter to go with said photo to a CHEERful toy soldier of your choice.
      3rd step: Send it out into the world and await a letter in return.
      4th step:….?
      5th step: Profit!

      I will be refining this in the future, but for now, i believe this is a good start.
      I would like to see atleast afew letters mailed within the month! So please?

    • Awesome! Now to decide what to take a picture of!


    • JJObscene

      Well, i believe ill be tossing in a photo of me and afew LA ts down at the beach, even if i am not one for being in the sun. Ocean is always a nice way to kick things off. 

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