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FDC M.E.D.I.A competition

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FDC M.E.D.I.A competition

    • Lieutenant JDUK



      deadline: 30th of July

      For my first act as your new FDC admin, I feel it would be fitting to kick things off with a good old fashion competition. I then realised that I’ve been terribly out of contact with the M.E.D.I.A division of which I’m also supposed to be admin for (sorry folks)

      So as a means to rectify this, the competition will be media based but will still involve all those wonderful foam shooty, hitty, smashy things you all love and enjoy.

      Your mission if you chose to except it is to replicate any scene from a well known film.
      You can either video yourselves or take a photo with speech bubbles or a meme style caption over the top.

      – you can make a parody providing it doesn’t go to off tangent
      – You can make a true to film replica
      – Your content should involve either foam dart guns or live action role play weaponry
      – There is no duration restriction, so it could be 30 seconds or a feature film epic
      – It has to be in the spirit of fun, so nothing that would make the TSU look bad
      – There can be as many or as little people involved with in the film
      – If filming on location please respect local laws and get permission
      – The use of CGI is greatly encouraged
      – HAVE FUN :)

      The prize
      “But JD what do we get if we win?” I hear you say, well my curious friend I shall tell you. The winner shall receive a most splendid Nerf Zombie Strike Doublestrike Blaster.

      Well comrades I think that’s all for now so pick up your cameras and make me proud.

      From YJ Lt.JDUK

    • Sgt. Dutch

      Oh. Oh. Ooooooooooooooooh has something popped into my head that’d work great for this.

    • Silent Addle

      I can get in on this, I have like seventeen plans and ideas.

    • Dr. Malice




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