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Excerpt from Kale the Conquerer

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Excerpt from Kale the Conquerer

    • Minion

      This novel is to be about a half demon who’s twisted yet light hearted to begin with though as the story goes on he’ll become a much darker character. This is also the first story in first person I’ve wrote in a long time.

      Kale the Conqueror


      “Todays the day brother!” I exclaimed with a smile.

      “Are you sure? We only have fifty men and only half of them are trained to the standards you asked for.” My brother Khan replied timidly.

      “Of course I’m sure; the men are just a formality. That’s the advantage of being a half demon, I could win this battle by myself if I felt like it but considering we have some loyal followers they might as well tag along and have some fun, don’t you think?” I laughed as the smile on my face grew with each word.

      “If you’re sure then I’ll make sure everyone’s ready.”

      “Good and make sure to look your best for the king.”

      “We’ll be ready to move out within the hour Kale.”

      “Perfect, that gives me time for a bit of breakfast before we leave.”

      I watched Khan walk off with a growing sense of excitement; all these years of waiting will pay off today because today I get to kill a king and what fun it shall be. I’ve killed before but never someone as powerful as a king which adds that little bit more excitement. The years of keeping a low profile while my powers grew are over and now there’s nobody in the world that can possibly match me. I wonder how I should do it…Burning him to a crisp could be satisfying or maybe giving him a bit of a shock could be entertaining…Why choose, I can shock then burn! Double the fun! I bounce as I walk, unable to contain my excitement, this is going to be a fun day and the rewards that will come at the end of it, as much gold as I could need, and a kingdom and who knows what other treasures the king has hidden away. Hopefully something good but I suppose I can settle for the riches and the kingdom if I can’t find any little treats lying around. Maybe I’ll skip breakfast and eat from the kings’ larder later. I could make his servants cook me a feast…Well they’ll be my servants soon enough. It’s such a nice castle he has too, I’ll have to make sure I don’t do too much damage to it; waiting for repairs is such a bore.


      The thoughts about the upcoming days killing and its rewards continued to swirl around my head as I waited to get going. I thought about just wandering over to the place on my own and letting the men catch up later but decided to be fair to them and give them their moment of pride too, after all you don’t get to kill a king every day and they trained so hard for this. An hour isn’t much compared to the years I’ve waited for this moment anyway so I just kept myself amused by walking and planning, I even managed to get a little drawing done too. When the time finally came to leave, I strapped my sword at my waist, knowing I wouldn’t need it but I like it so I might as well wear it then I walked outside at a leisurely pace to have a look at my little army.


      Khan was waiting by the door looking anxious as usual, he worried far too much but maybe that’s because he’s just a mortal.

      “Khan quit worrying for a while and try to have some fun, who knows how long it’ll be until we find another king to rob of his kingdom.”

      “I still don’t know if we’re ready, just because you’re half demon doesn’t mean you can’t be killed and if you die then we have no hope of getting out of this alive. I think we should wait until we have more men.” Khan said hurriedly, growing more anxious with each passing second.

      “By the end of the day we’ll have a thousand men in our army, just think of that to calm you down a bit.”

      “Yeah but those men will be trying to kill us until the end of the day” Khan muttered as he walked over to join the men.

      Their armour must have been polished that day because everybody gleamed as they stood there in formation. Granted not everyone had matching armour but when funds are low there’s only so much you can do but after today that shan’t be a problem anymore either.

      “Alright then, let’s get going and relieve the king of his throne.” I said cheerfully before walking off towards the castle with the cheering men right behind me. Today will be such a fun day.

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