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Excerpt from Black Legion

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Excerpt from Black Legion

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      The team, comprised of six men with the designation Delta squad, were assembled in the hanger bay of the strike vessel Apocalypse. It was comprised of two scouts, a medic, three troopers and the Captain. The five men serving under the Captain were all mercenaries and some of the best in the business. Instead of using their names each was given a designation ranging from Delta 1-6. Delta 1-3 were the soldiers, two of which were armed with automatic rifles, Delta 4 and 5 were the scouts and Delta 6 was the medic. The Captain wasn’t given a designation as he was the only one that was part of the company and was addressed only as Captain.

      Their transport to the surface of the planet was a Cyclone troop transport with space for ten men. The Cyclone looked like a box with wings and an engine, as it was designed for practicality rather than to look appealing. It was armed with four short range missiles and two light assault cannons underneath its wings. The Cyclone was also equipped with a short range radio and short range sensors. The hull was six inches thick and painted in the company’s colours of crimson and gold with the crest of a golden miner saluting on each side. This cut down version of the military grade Cyclone is the most popular transport ship for large companies because of its tough hull and powerful weaponry.

      After checking their weapons, ammo and equipment for the final time Delta squad entered the dropship through its forward opening assault hatch and locked themselves and their gear in place for the decent to the surface. Their destination was a large planet that was completely covered in forest called Eden.

      Eden was famous for being an incredibly hostile planet but rich in raw materials so for some companies it was worth the risk for the fortunes it could bring in but before any work could commence, safe perimeters had to be established so that expensive machinery wasn’t destroyed by the planets vicious natives. This is the task that Delta squad and countless other mercenary teams were hired to complete. Due to Imperial law no commercial company could have its own military but they could hire mercenaries for security assignments though are usually used more like a private army in most cases, fighting clandestine wars between rival companies.

      Once the men were locked in, the Captain called the all set to the pilot and the Cyclone activated its engines and launched into the abyss of space, making a beeline for Eden.

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