• Zelara

      Hey there,
      This felt like the most appropriate place for this.
      I was reluctant to post this at all because it felt kind of rude, in a way – A sort of headhunting. But the ideals of the Toy Soldiers just seems to perfect for me to keep this to myself.

      I’m part of a nascent community that is trying to gather people of like-mind.

      Here, in our little electronic escape, anonymity creates a sort of second identity and everything about your physical form is stripped away and you are reduced to text. Ideas can flow anonymously and the ethos generating them can be rendered inconsequential. In time, a generous well of information is born and people can work together on projects and discussion. We can escape from the serfdom of sociological norms and be whatever we want to be and choose what people know and don’t know about us on a whim in a purely artificial existence. What’s so great about this puritanical reality lead by myopic demagoguery anyway?

      This group works to help provide a comfortable environment – an escape from whatever we find vexing or subjugating about daily life and centers around a common appreciation for the sciences. The heart of our community revolves around our shared interests in retro tech, cyberpunk, and utopian progressivism in the vein of Star Trek with just a dash of the licentious.

      If any part of what I have said here has piqued your interest, then I suggest you check out our Text Only Discord channel:

      If you are to participate, it is suggested that you create a second identity for yourself, so as not to interfere with your real Life.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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