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Dutch Comic Con 28-29 March 2015: ATTACK OF THE WATERRATTEN!

Home Forums Missions Dutch Comic Con 28-29 March 2015: ATTACK OF THE WATERRATTEN!

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Dutch Comic Con 28-29 March 2015: ATTACK OF THE WATERRATTEN!

    • Dutch Comic Con

      Finally a Comic Con in the Netherlands!!! 

      #512 – Waterratten Assemble!

      We have our own Dutch Comic Con, in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht!
      Next spring: 28 / 29th of March 2015. And: We’re aiming on getting a table! 

      I live only a 12 minute train ride away from Utrecht CS, [limited] sleeping accomodations can be arranged!


      I have gone ahead and registered Toy Soldiers Unite as a dealer. By the end of this month the webshop will open and prices for tables and booths will be available!


      Toy Soldiers Unite is now a registered dealer, and we can book a table!!!
      We’re aiming to book the table before the 1st of November because there’s an early bird discount, which saves € 50,- 
      My personal funds are limited until after MCM London, so everyone who can chip in to get the table early, please do!!!


      I got confirmation from Dutch Comic Con that there is no limit on dealer tickets. They are much cheaper: € 18,15 per ticket, instead of € 30, both for the whole weekend. So I can provide a ticket much cheaper, however I will need payment in advance. PM me on here or on social networks.

    • Me and my house-mate Sokamin were just discussing getting the dealer table. Together we are currently able to put forth about €100 of the €151,25 that the table will cost if we order it before the 1st of November. From November the price will rise to €211,75 .So we’re still some € 50,-  short if we want to get it on time.

      Any small donation would help to put Toy Soldiers Unite in the spotlight at the first Dutch Comic Con!!!

    • Thanks to the generosity of Toy Soldiers, we have now acquired a table!!! 


    • Information updated. Cheaper tickets for any Toy Soldier who wants to visit.

    • An update:

      I have managed to locate my old passport and am just trying to find somebody to countersign my photo as I seem to have aged considerably in the last 15 years.


      If I can get that sent off in the next couple of weeks I should have the new passport back well before I’m due to travel. Just need to work out if I actually know anybody who can countersign it.

    • ONLY 6 DAYS TO GO!!! So excited! Most of the stuff is ready, still need one last run to the printer shop as my dad’s printer was not cooperating in printing propaganda…

      Attending soldiers: please take as much propaganda as you can! Let’s recruit the heck out of the Dutch Comic Con!!!! 

    • Spending the next few days sorting out some last minute bits and pieces

      Deciding what cosplay to bring, changing up some money into euros, washing the uniform


      CAN’T WAIT! 


    • Dutch Comic Con was a smashing success! Already the new recruits are enlisting. We’ve handed out not just a part, but nearly all the propaganda we got printed, more than half of it was given away on the Saturday.

      I want to thank everyone who was there to help make this the most epic weekend of the year so far! Let’s do this again next year!

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