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Do you want to build a snowmaaaaaaaan?

Home Forums Special Operations Divisions SLASHER Do you want to build a snowmaaaaaaaan?

Do you want to build a snowmaaaaaaaan?

    • Sgt. Dutch

      I just wanted to share this little treasure I found on the internet.


      “It was an accident, but the trolls couldn’t save her sister. Her parents tried to keep her safe, but whenever it snowed, she would come. Her eyes glazed, frost burns on her cheeks, fingers blackened by frostbite. And she’d knock on her bedroom door.”

      “Elsa? Do you wanna build a snowman? Elsa, I know you’re in there. Elsa, I’m cold.”

    • Tinker the YJ

      What. The. Frak! O.O

      Someone needs to to do a slasher remake of the whole movie now.

    • Andrew Flintoff

      Do You want to build a snowman is a metaphor for life, and it relates to Judaism. It means that the speaker thinks that you’re a cool cat and you two should hang out sometime.

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