do you guys like undertale?

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do you guys like undertale?

    • Darkshreaders

      i am curious since i wonder how many undertale fans are in the toy soldier army spacecraft

    • Lt. Sophie

      Kind of lacks an option for “I haven’t played it yet, should I?” :P

    • Nessie

      I haven’t played it. But i have watched a few youtubers play it. Fun game. I really like the mechanics that make your choises really count, even if you try to track back on them. Interesting characters and enjoyable graphics.

    • Captain Dermut

      Haven’t played it.

      But I hear some good things about it. Mostly concerning storytelling and atmosphere.

      But I just don’t find in visually appealing to my particular sensibilities when it comes to games and their graphics. Perhaps that will change, perhaps not.

      Either way, enjoy playing it and perhaps you could stream some next Gaming Mammoth?


      Game on, soldier!

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