Do we have any TF2 players?

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Do we have any TF2 players?

    • Silent Addle

      I play quite often, tend to play a few unconventional maps and I have to wonder if anyone else plays, what kind of maps they play.


      Maybe we should build a digital bunker based TF2 map, heh.

    • Haven’t played it in quite a while tbh, but I used to on pc

    • Shank

      I play from time to time, typically on the EQD server (Equestria Daily for non-MLP fans). It’s been a good while since I’ve played, but I wouldn’t mind getting back into it.

      Maybe a custom MvM map to defend the bunker from… something not fun? That’s all I got xD

    • Sgt. Pinkerton

      I used to play a little, usually on nucleus, but I don’t mind any map

    • Dr Z

      i actually play it often i play custom games such as Vurse saxten hale though it has a variety of people to fight against like freddy kruger and the like

    • I hop online and play it from time to time.  I usually pop in one of the random public servers on Steam.

    • Epsilon V. 2.5

      I play it too. I play on any map that isn’t just a big square box, lol. My favorite game modes are Payload, MvM, Halloween bosses, and a bunch of custom game modes.

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