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Disneyland Invasion 2021: Reunited And It Feels So Good

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Disneyland Invasion 2021: Reunited And It Feels So Good

    • Hey all!

      I used to help organize the Disneyland Invasion years ago and have been compelled to do so again (thank you nostalgia)!

      I am looking to hold this invasion/reunion on Saturday, March 6th, 2021, keeping the tradition of hosting it the Saturday closest to March 4th (Toy Soldier Day). I am hoping that by getting the word out now, more soldiers (newly enlisted and veterans) will be able to properly plan and attend.

      As of now there is no set itinerary, no special activities (except for the traditional kick-off breakfast), or uniform requirements; this is just a fun meeting/reunion.

      Past activities have included the castle photo, the group “It’s A Small World” ride, and the group “Disneyland Railroad” ride. I am open to keeping these traditions if people would like and any other suggestions folks may have. Otherwise, the goal is to keep it a free-for-all.

      If you all have Facebook, I have created a public event here. Please RSVP there even if it’s a “maybe” to stay informed. I will also be updating this thread as often as possible.

      Thank you all for reading!

    • I would love to join in on this!!! I’ve not had the honor of being part of March Fourth!

    • Panic

      I sadly won’t be able to go mainly due to always being stuck in one place. I hope your plan works though.

    • Since I no longer reside in Southern California it will be harder for me to go this year. I will however do my very best to attend as I am missing Disneyland, and having alot of nostalgia for the glory days of TSU.

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