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Detective Challenge

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Detective Challenge

    • Flare by N-N-E

      Do you have the reasoning abilities of a great detective, would you be able to discern the truth from the smallest of clues, could you be the next Sherlock Holmes? 

      Well I don`t know… so I issue  a challenge to those who think they might.

      The context: recently I participated in a contest of creative creation held by the creator of a quite creative comic*

      The challenge: find out which of the entries is mine

      Clues: there is at least one “easy” clue in this post, and at least one “indirect” can be found in the forums, you can also try to ask me questions but be warned I will try to be as unhelpful as possible (I will not lie but i may refuse to answer a too direct question).

      The “evidence”:

      The reward:Objective proof that you have become the new Sherlock, destroyer of deception, master(or mistress) of mysteries, ridder or riddles, conqueror of conundrums, and so on and so forth. Also I will answer 1 question for the winner in an original manner

       Also while you are there why not vote for the one you like best?**

      *I encourage you to read it, it`s interesting and really well drawn

      **I will not reveal which one is my entry before the contest ends to make sure there is no unfair bias.


    • My guess/ vote would be for A-Hunting We Will Go by Caitlin Curtis. Shall i explain my guess or… ?

    • Flare by N-N-E

      It is up to you to decide, but it is worth considering that:

      1-Revealing the reasoning process may enable others to spot flaws you may have overlooked; it shows you believe in your own reasoning.

      2-Shows that a solid reasoning process actually happened (good intuition is good for a detective, but by itself it proves nothing).

      3-It may extract a reaction from the guilty party causing it to somehow incriminate itself even in the absence of conclusive evidence.

      4-Allows others to learn, and to be impressed (or disappointed) by the means by which the result was achieved rather than just the result itself, and is it not the creativity of the method that separates the brilliant detective from the average investigator?

      5-I am curious by nature, so naturally, I would like to know


      Here is an additional clue:


      “Always when pursuing a goal one must direct his gaze forward, towards the pursued goal without neglecting what is above, lest he leave himself open to ambush, or below lest he stumble and fall, but most importantly one must carefully discern the harmful form the harmless and the useful from the irrelevant or misleading lest he find himself lost or followed by disaster… this is why few dare towards a goal that is not closely within reach and fewer still achieve it’*


      *This clue was designed to be of about medium difficulty; also it may be relevant to state at this point that at the end I will explain all the clues so I am not just spouting random nonsense to confuse people.

    • A-Hunting We Will Go by Caitlin Curtis

    • Flare by N-N-E

      Interesting, is it a guess or a conclusion*?


      *if so what made you arrive at this particular one?

    • Flare by N-N-E

      apparently no one managed notice the many *notes  I left all over the place and the fact that a single story used this, this was the most obvious clue and I am rather surprised no one noticed, especially since noticing the pattern did not require reading the text, this was merely an exercise but in life noticing patterns is a valuable skill that can enable you to notice things that where not intended for you to notice.

      and so my identity remains undisclosed and the question remains unanswered….

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