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Cyclops. A Steampunk short story!

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Cyclops. A Steampunk short story!

    • Minion

      This is the first draft of the first story I’ve finished in a long time.



      On it marched through the embattled streets. Twenty feet tall and clad in shining gold. Massive exhausts belched steam into the night sky while cannon fire lit up the ground like small suns. It was a Cyclops war machine and nothing could stop it. Its gargantuan torso was devoted to powering this metal beast while its legs and arms bristled with all sorts of weaponry. The head housed its command crew who gazed upon the destruction it wreaked through its large slit of an eye.

      Troops and vehicles sped around below it. There were soldiers with guns that fired jets of superheated steam from the canisters on their backs, trucks with mounted Gatling guns while others carried squads to the thick of the fighting and men in steam powered suits charging onward into battle, trusting in their armour to protect them.

      The Cyclops continued forward, each slow step shaking the ground like an earthquake. Enemy soldiers on steambikes came pouring from the side streets of the vast city. The machine guns on their bikes spat death at the unarmoured infantry but could not even dent the mighty Cyclops. It raised a fist in the direction of the bikes and five Gatling guns fired from the knuckles. Steambikes exploded; men were reduced to tattered rags and still the Cyclops carried on.

      The infantry had soon advanced ahead of the Cyclops but the crew still felt safe within their mighty machine. Countless attacks from half destroyed buildings, dark sewers and side streets were launched but the enemy were soon driven back with a hail of gunfire.

      The enemies’ air force came next. Droves of biplanes and zeppelins came forth to challenge the Cyclops. The planes dived, twirled and sped around the Cyclops while their gunners fired in vain attempts to penetrate the giant but none prevailed. They fell victim to its swinging arms and many guns. Next came the Zeppelins with their cannons flaring. Dents and cracks appeared in the Cyclops armour but the Zeppelins could not avoid the Cyclops many guns and were soon sent spiralling to the earth.

      More infantry came next, sneaking from the sewers with explosives to bring the Cyclops to its knees. They succeeded in planting them before gaining its attention. Superheated steam blasted through the many vents at its ankles, causing the soldiers to scream in agony as their skin blistered and burned and still the Cyclops carried on.

      Power suits leapt from the fourth floor of an abandoned skyscraper, shattering glass and leaving trails of smoke behind them. They fired as one. The crew of the Cyclops laughed but the enemy had hit their mark. The explosives detonated. The Cyclops fell. First to its knees, then on its face. The Cyclops had been beaten.

      Explosives were planted on its head. They blasted through the armour, allowing the power suits to enter. The crew begged for mercy but none was shown. Each man was shot in the head where they knelt and the soldiers departed. 

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