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Creative Cooking with Long Life Foods

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Creative Cooking with Long Life Foods

    • Lillium

      The days after an apocalypse may be dismal. No luxuries that we now take for granted. But food is and always will be a great way to lift morale.

      Good food can bring a simple pleasure to make the hard days of trying to survive and fight for your life more bareable.

      So before you think you’ll be living off baked beans and spam, get creative with the long life foods that are available and try cooking something special.


      Food Storage Trifle

      1 tin of strawberries in syrup
      1 pack of strawberry Angel Delite
      1 pack of Bird’s Dream Topping
      1 pack of strawberry jelly
      UHT milk
      Chocolate powder

      Make up jelly to packet instructions. Add to a large bowl. Drain strawberries (don’t waste the syrup because it’s delicious to drink). Add to jelly and leave in the coldest place you can to set.

      Once jelly has set, mix Angel Delite with milk according to packet instructions and spread ontop of jelly. Leave for 5 minutes.

      Mix Bird’s Dream Topping according to directions on pack and spread ontop of your trifle.

      Finish with a sprinkling of chocolate powder and enjoy.

      Serves 4-6

    • Pvt Morglum

      is it true that honey never goes off?

    • Brigadier Davis

      is it true that honey never goes off?


      Ill field this one!

      Yes, to the point that Jars of honey were actually found in some of the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs. Because of the sugar content of Honey rather than becoming moldy or inedible it had simply become crystalline which once warmed, melted back to its natural Honey form.


      Its one of the reasons Alcohol like Mead will not go out of date but will simply mature.   

    • Pvt Morglum


    • Captain Dermut

      @Brigadier Davis said:

        Jars of honey were actually found in some of the tombs of the Egyptian Pharaohs.


      Wow, didn’t know it about the honey. Knew they found tea and salt though and a few other things (i don’t remember which, a pity that) that were still very much usable. (and no this is not a sneaky Boston tea party reverence).


      It’s amazing that today’s food seems to go off so quickly no matter how many “preservatives” we add. Makes you think, don’t it?

    • Lillium

      Spam is the staple meat of any food storage. It’s high in fats and protein but admit it, it doesn’t look very appertising.

      Here’s an easy way to make Spam more fun to eat

      Spam fritters

      – 1 tin of Spam
      – 2oz of self-raising flour
      – 1 tbsp of cornflour
      – pinch of salt
      – 7 fl oz of uht milk or water
      – Oil

      Mix together self-raising flour, cornflour and salt in a large bowl. Add liquid until you get a thick batter.
      Cut the Spam into 4 thick slices and coat in batter. (If you dip slices in flour first and then into the batter, it sticks better).
      Heat oil in a pan until very hot. Cook fritters until both sides are golden brown.
      Serve with instant mash potatoes, tinned veg and your favourite sauce.

      Serves 4

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